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Perez Perfections

Unique Spontaneous Creations

Inspired by life, created by hand

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Perez Perfections

by Jess Perez

Perez Perfections are perfect handmade creations, to my standards.
I am Jessica Perez & this is my hobby, passion & lifestyle. I enjoy creating handmade goods & gifts.

I am Christ-centered mom of 3, aspiring artist, wife, singer, daughter & more! All of these unique & spontaneous creations come from my heart to reach yours. I’ve been creating for 10+ years & have bounced around all mediums. Such as; ceramics, paintings, paper goods, jewelry & more! My husband & kids are my inspiration for trying new things.
They are always by my side, encouraging & inspiring me to move forward & learn new techniques. I hope you gain a sense of who we are. Enjoy!

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